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The power to kill a yak, from 200 yards away

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9th April 2008

9:46am: I find something inherently disturbing about Mecanum wheels. As it says in the video, "all of the best robots are a little creepy."


2nd March 2008

3:17am: My Dad is a math punk on German television.

He is interviewed briefly about a minute into the clip.

4th February 2008

10:51pm: Everything is Everything
Did anyone else catch the Arcade Fire being used as intense sports pump-up background music in a Fox promotional clip during the Superbowl last night?
3:33am: The Future

31st January 2008

7:27pm: Legos!

11th January 2008

4:37pm: First Open Mics, Next: His Blog
He waited for it from 10 o'clock, and he was soooo hungry, but he couldn't leave the house because he had to wait for UPS.

6th January 2008

3:38am: I need to write papers soooo badly
According to the top headline on my MSN Today page, all women are constantly flirting and lying. Both, all of the time.

2nd December 2007

1:32pm: New temporary musical obsession

I've had this album for months now, but I always turn it off at track nine, so I never actually heard this song until yesterday. It's so good.

1st December 2007

3:54pm: It is dark outside. It is not even actually four o'clock yet.


21st November 2007

12:31pm: Tentative Spring schedule after looking at the course guide for 20 minutes:
Playwriting Tutorial with Mark Vecchio
Directing with Aimee
Mask and Movement with 'Monty
Music Composition with Apollo OR Godel, Escher, Bach with John Myers and Mike Bergman
Comparative Politics Focus: Contemporary US with <3Asma<3

16/17 Credits, plus 1-2 for the inevitable Chinese course I guilt myself into/get guilted into by John Weinstein, plus possibly another 1 for Jazz Ensemble or Music Lessons.
I may drop something for-/audit Music in Film if the pending course description makes it sound like a good class.

I am very, very happy with this course guide.

21st October 2007

10:51pm: Holy Fuck

19th September 2007



13th September 2007

10:28pm: Ahlkeelar! She broke my dream!
So, for the past two prior days, I literally haven't left my room here except to walk ten feet to the kitchen maybe a total of three times. I was feeling kind of sick and just generally blasé, and it was really cold, and I didn't have anything to do. This morning, I woke up feeling a bit better, and it looked nice and sunny outside, so I decided to take a walk. I ended up walking to this really awesome area of Berlin that I had taken the train to last week. It was a lot of fun, and I talked to lots of German shopkeepers, and they thought I was Italian. I bought delicious, sumptuous falafel for 1.50 euros. A Grand time.

The long and short is that all my walking today (it was a lot) after my two days of total vegetation seems to have kicked in some crazy endorphin high, or maybe I'm just hyper do to the alignment of the planets or something, but right now I feel like I am on reallllly good drugs.
The feeling kicked in when I listened to SoKo's I'll Kill Her, courtesy of my chum Harry Marker, and I thought, this song is so ridiculous, that must be why it seems so great! But then I put on lots of other songs, and all of them seemed like the best songs in the world, even songs I had heard before and hadn't thought that about. It is like music is playing into my head in a great way.

***** http://www.sendspace.com/file/tz7uim ******
a collection of GREAT music!
NOTE that: this is a collection of songs I have assembled, and when you unzip the folder they will inevitably be arranged alphabetically. This is NOT a "mix" in the sense that when I make a mix each song is obsessively sequenced to perfection. Just letting you know so that you don't get the wrong idea.

Also, another disclaimer:
There are some mash-ups on here (GREAT mash-ups!), BUT the song Funny Little Things by Lee G and Delon is not a mash-up, but an original rap song with a beat that uses samples. I make this distinction 1) to point out that this is not some throwaway rap a cappella track put over an indie song, And 2) as an excuse to make a fuss about the song, precisely because it is so good. "Five minutes ago" as it may be to post a myspace link, these guys have one (http://myspace.com/leegmusic), and they have some AMAZING stuff on there (including more Joanna samplage, natch). I am absolutely positive that these guys are going to get huge before too long, and I encourage everyone to hop on the bandwagon.


25th August 2007

1:43pm: 2.5 out of every 2 pople here have fauxhawks. I really just don't understand.

24th August 2007

11:33am: I am in Germany. No, I don't know why.

I saw the Sun rise over the clouds through my Southeast-facing window on the flight. Mad awe-striking.

Notable things present in the Frankfurt airportmall:
-A store that sold only fine glass sculptures, full of people with a line at the register
-A Sharper Image-like store that stocked several industrial-grade food processors
-A Mercedes Dealership
-The largest Timberland store I have ever seen
-NOT any kind of smoking restrictions
-Old men smoking Black & Milds, everywhere
-Hot German girls
-A store which sold the airport's own line of designer sunglasses

I just arranged On the Radio by Regina Spektor for a cappella. In the middle of listening to it for the eight-millionth time, I had to stop what I was doing and I just started crying, because it's so beautiful. It was really tough.

Also, that song is about listening to Guns N' Roses.

13th August 2007

6:46pm: Things:
- I just cashed in several years worth of idly scrounged change + coin tips from this Summer and ended up with 75$

- I've been cleaning out our basement (which hasn't been properly sorted through since we moved into the house and threw stuff down there six years ago), and have found lots of fun things. Notably, while rifling through a box that seems to have stuff from my parents' college days, I found a stack of post cards with whimsical, fairytale-esque, black and white illustrations, on the letter side of which my Mom and Dad had written witty, absurdist captions à la Married to the Sea.

- I'm leaving for Europe in 7 days. I will be returning (probably) in approximately 166 days.

19th July 2007


First "literal LOL" from the internet in a long time.

12th July 2007

2:04pm: Because every now and then I like doing these things because it's a good excuse to say nice things about people, and because of Laura, comment, and...

1: Edit: I'm not going to respond with something that pops into my head about you, because it's probably just something I like about you anyway.
2: I'll challenge you to try something.
3: I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4: I'll tell you something I like about you.
5: I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6: I won't tell you what animal you remind me of, because that's dumb.
7: I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8: If I do this for you, you can post this in your journal also, if you like.

26th May 2007

4:17pm: The Waitress was a beautiful movie. Everyone should see it.

21st May 2007

2:22pm: Livejournal Entry.
I took a walk to drop by some places I applied to work for this Summer and schedule interviews and things. It was gorgeous outside. Some points of interest follow.

I saw this bumper sticker:

This car climbed

I literal-LOL'ed.

I also saw the most beautiful bird I have ever seen outdoors, close-up. At first, it looked like a cardinal, which is confusing because it's mid-Spring. However, upon getting closer, I saw that it's whole underside was totally white. It's feathers fanned out gradually changing from orange to red on its wings and crest, and they had this weird iridescent quality that made the bird glow in the Sunlight. Kat? Katie? Mia? Allen Altman? Any idea what kind of bird this might have been?

When I was in TLA, they were playing the new Modest Mouse album, which I still haven't listened to despite having had it on my computer for like 8 years now. There was some song on that was basically A Wild Pack of Family Dogs but faster and more upbeat; it had nearly, if not actually, the exact same chord progression and vocal melody, and I thought to myself, "Oh hey, it's another Modest Mouse song that sounds exactly like every other Modest Mouse song." I was on the verge of making a snide comment about it to the in-joke-worthy-looking hipster behind the counter, but then this paradox dawned on me: I thought it was sort of dumb and laughable that this new song sounded exactly like an old song, but I would probably be even more upset if this band, which I like, had released something that didn't sound anything like their old stuff. It made me feel pretty sympathetic towards bands that have "sophomore slump"'s. How does a band follow up a good debut, or even a good established catalog? Obviously people do it, but it is kind-of a tough quandary. This also raised other questions within myself about "originality", and my own music, but I think this entry has been stuffed full of enough dense pretension.

15th May 2007

9:12am: I just gave myself the stupidest haircut EVER.

9th May 2007


19th April 2007

7:11pm: Credit to Harry for showing these to me
David Blaine: Street Magic


You should watch them sequentially; the second one is better.
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